Business Succession

If a company owner is leaving or wants to leave a company, it is necessary to identify a suitable successor. The business transfer is always a complex and often lengthy process. As such, it offers various design possibilities that should be utilized. Regardless of the chosen design, it is highly advisable to seek a lawyer's advice during the business transfer planning phase. In doing so, you will ensure your interests are best implemented and a corresponding strategy is developed. GRP Rainer's lawyers are the appropriate contact partners for this strategy development.

Business Succession - GRP Rainer

Indeed, the design of a corporate succession may be approached from multiple angles:

In case of family - owned companies, the transfer operation often involves a close family member. This presents the obvious advantage that the former owner puts his company in trusted, familiar hands. In this context, however, in addition to the company law, it is important to consider the stipulations of family, inheritance and tax laws. Here, it is worth noting that an unresolved succession has a negative effect on the Basel II rating. GRP Rainer's lawyers are not only very familiar with these independent areas, but will also help you in examining all relevant legal aspects from a global perspective. Thus you will enjoy comprehensive legal advice from a single source.

A company may be sold against a one-time payment or recurring contributions. In the event of a one - time payment sale, the purchaser pays the price agreed at once, so that the contract can be settled accordingly. Conversely, if recurring contributions are agreed upon, these can be implemented as an annuity or as instalment payments.

Furthermore, it is possible to sell the company to its own management, the so-called management buy - out, or to transfer it to an outside management, the so-called management buy - in. Finally, a business succession may be addressed in the wake of a change of corporate form.

Regardless of the design option chosen, the tax implications should always be considered. The tax advisors at GRP Rainer have acquired a profound knowledge in this area and will be glad to advise you as required. At GRP Rainer we offer you the comprehensive support of our lawyers and tax advisors.

The business transfer will be well conceived and thoroughly planned. Contact an attorney you can trust. At GRP Rainer, we can provide specialized lawyers to examine all the advantages and disadvantages the different options present and help you to identify the right solution.

GRP Rainer offers a team of highly motivated and committed lawyers. We shall be glad to provide you with detailed, individual advice on any inquiries in the business succession area.

We advise on Business Succession in Germany.

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