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20. Sep

Germany’s federal government has settled on reforms to inheritance tax. Company heirs can continue...

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19. Sep

Employment law provides for the possibility of extraordinary dismissal without prior notice....

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16. Sep

Family homes can only be passed on to one’s spouse or children free of tax if certain conditions are...

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15. Sep

A Berliner Testament (Berlin will) is a widespread form of will in which spouses mutually appoint...

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14. Sep

Several truck manufacturers should anticipate an antitrust fine that is likely to be higher than any...

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13. Sep
12. Sep

The Bundesverfassungsgericht, Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court, recently had to grapple with...

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09. Sep

If a car dealership advertises with a manufacturer’s logo without being an authorized dealer, this...

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08. Sep

Anyone who does not wish to have their estate distributed in accordance with the rules of intestate...

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07. Sep

The property “mild” can only refer to the taste when it comes to tobacco advertising. According to a...

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