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30. Sep

The lack of a manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing a used vehicle may represent a material defect...

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29. Sep

Proper written form should always be observed when it comes to commercial tenancy and lease...

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28. Sep

If, after becoming aware of what is termed a “Pflichtteilsstrafklausel” (compulsory portion penalty...

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27. Sep

A testator who makes a gift during his lifetime may give rise to tax advantages. However, any gifts...

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26. Sep

The managing director is responsible for ensuring proper payment of social security contributions....

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23. Sep

Claims arising from a D&O (Directors & Officers) insurance policy can be ceded to the employer. That...

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22. Sep
21. Sep

In order to effectively issue ordinary notice of dismissal for reasons relating to conduct, it is...

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20. Sep

Germany’s federal government has settled on reforms to inheritance tax. Company heirs can continue...

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19. Sep

Employment law provides for the possibility of extraordinary dismissal without prior notice....

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