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25. Jan
22. Jan

The Landgericht Berlin (Regional Court of Berlin) ruled on April 14, 2015 that blanket advertising o...

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21. Jan

Specifications regarding the energy consumption of empty vacuum cleaners do not infringe

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20. Jan

While it is of course permissible to criticise one’s employer, excessively abusive criticism can...

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19. Jan

Employment contracts can be terminated without notice for good cause. Whether a serious cause...

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18. Jan

In many cases, it is necessary for an employer to issue the employee in question with a final...

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15. Jan

To ensure that the “final wishes” laid down in a will can actually be implemented, they ought to be...

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14. Jan

It is possible for a joint will to remain valid even after a divorce under certain circumstances....

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13. Jan

Insolvency law is about to undergo major changes. The German Federal Government introduced a bill at...

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11. Jan

The Landgericht Düsseldorf (Regional Court of Düsseldorf) has strengthened the rights of

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