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18. Feb
17. Feb

Company founders have to come to a decision regarding the corporate form of their new business. The...

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16. Feb

The new EU succession law regime has been in force since August 17....

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15. Feb

According to a ruling of the OLG Hamm (Higher Regional Court of Hamm), it is possible to revoke a...

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12. Feb

If an employee submits a forged doctor’s certificate for sick leave...

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11. Feb

The reform of inheritance tax could entail a greater burden on company heirs in the context of...

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10. Feb

According to a ruling of the Oberlandesgericht Hamburg (Higher Regional Court of Hamburg),...

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09. Feb

Switzerland is searching for missing account holders or their heirs. With several million francs...

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08. Feb

In cases involving a Berliner Testament (Berlin will) or spousal will, the spouses mutually appoint...

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05. Feb

In its judgment of December 10, the BGH ruled that statements such as “lernstark” (fast learner) and...

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