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03. Aug

The rules of intestate succession apply in the absence of a will. This can result in the estate...

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31. Jul

The German federal government is planning to reform the Act Regulating the Supply of Temporary...

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30. Jul

A family foundation can be established as a way of avoiding inheritance related disputes. The...

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29. Jul
28. Jul

There’s no room for friendship when money’s involved. The same can be said with respect to...

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27. Jul

Unlike in the event of a dismissal/termination, the employment relationship is brought to an end on...

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24. Jul

Husbands and wives can reciprocally appoint each other as sole heirs in a so-called “Berliner...

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30. Jun

Managing directors of a GmbH (German limited liability company) enjoy a margin of discretion within...

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29. Jun

Unfair competition harms consumers and businesses that comply with the German Act Against Unfair...

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26. Jun

It is not enough simply to be more creative and quicker than the competition. It is also necessary...

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