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07. Oct

It is thought that around eleven million vehicles worldwide have been affected by the VW scandal...

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06. Oct

If a creditor knew that a company was materially or factually insolvent and nevertheless accepted...

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05. Oct
02. Oct

Revoking a joint will (Berliner Testament) enables it to be rescinded. For this to happen, the...

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25. Sep
24. Sep

In cases of inheritance involving a foreign element, it is the testator’s habitual residence that...

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23. Sep

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has strengthened consumer protection. Thus, food products cannot...

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22. Sep

Be they red, yellow or blue, courts are ever more frequently having to rule on whether a colour is...

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21. Sep

Franchisees can assert claims for damages if they were knowingly forecast unrealistic turnover...

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18. Sep

Estate liabilities can be asserted when making an inheritance tax...

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