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22. Sep

Be they red, yellow or blue, courts are ever more frequently having to rule on whether a colour is...

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21. Sep

Franchisees can assert claims for damages if they were knowingly forecast unrealistic turnover...

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18. Sep

Estate liabilities can be asserted when making an inheritance tax...

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17. Sep

Colours convey a signal to consumers, which is why businesses seek to protect the shades of colour...

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16. Sep

Effective compliance management systems are not only crucial for large businesses. They are also...

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15. Sep

According to the Bundesgerichtshof’s (Federal Court of Justice) ruling of July 7, 2015, a bequest...

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14. Sep
11. Sep

The law firm GRP Rainer, specialised, inter alia, in the field of

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10. Sep

A will can only be valid if the person who drafted it has the capacity to make a will. If disputes...

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09. Sep

Managers and executive bodies are increasingly finding themselves faced with liability claims and...

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