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04. May

The statutory minimum wage of 8.50 euros per hour applies in Germany as of this year. One in every...

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30. Apr

Following the German Constitutional Court’s (Bundesverfassungsgericht) ruling at the end of 2014...

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27. Apr

The number of voluntary declarations in cases of tax evasion is increasing and with it the number of...

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24. Apr

Although there are no formal requirements for a voluntary declaration in cases of tax evasion,...

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23. Apr

Voluntary disclosure in cases of tax evasion remains a possibility in 2015, but tax evaders will be...

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22. Apr

The number of voluntary declarations in cases of tax evasion continues to increase. More than 25,000...

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21. Apr

Even Luxembourg is now taking the fight against tax evasion seriously. Income from interest will...

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20. Apr
17. Apr

The German Bundestag is currently discussing the draft legislation concerning the planned tightening...

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16. Apr

Voluntary disclosure can pave the way back to legality in cases of tax evasion. However, this will...

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